There’s nothing more fun than making hyper-sensitive sports fan intensely angry over a bad opinion. At 34, I’ve mostly aged out of that game, but I still like to dip my toes into the water now and then, and I always want to help out the developing young trolls of the world. They are the future, and this post is mostly for them.

Let’s establish some ground rules. First, I’m not talking about stupid Skip Bayless-level trolls, where you stare into a TV camera and call LeBron James a mediocre basketball player, or something. That’s demonstrably untrue, and in only gets a rise out of Twitter users with an IQ of 32 or below. No, I’m talking about the kind of stance that will actively annoy an average sports fan who bears witness to your drive-by takes. The kind that are so wrong, but also so irksome and off-the-wall that they can’t be easily dismissed, and are therefore more frustrating.

One more caveat—I’m avoiding overtly political troll moves. Yes, if you’re around liberals, you could get a reaction by insisting that Trump should carry the flag at the Olympics while riding Roy Moore’s horse, and if you’re around conservatives, you could drive them into a deep rage by vowing to write in Colin Kaepernick’s name in the next presidential election. But that’s low-hanging fruit—I want to reach as many people as possible.

Source: THE LOOP

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