It was the first day of summer break in 2009, and 8-year-old Jake Wooten was showing off to friends at Two Rivers Skate Park in Nashville.

“I’ve seen kids come and go. Some just have natural talent,” said Donny Myhre, a former professional skateboarder in the late 1980s and ’90s and owner of Franklin Skate Shop. “I could see it in him at a super young age.”

Myhre and Wooten were skating The General, the colloquial name for the deep concrete pool in the park’s back area. Its 12-foot walls and separation from the rest of the park make it an imposing feature, and even today adults rarely skate it. Wooten was practicing front-side airs when a seemingly insignificant fall spiral-fractured his tibia, the thick vertical bone in his lower leg.

Source: The Tennessean