Critic: How NYC Could Have Protected Terror Victims

Tuesday’s terrorist attack in lower Manhattan, which targeted pedestrians and cyclists, was “eminently preventable,” contends Justin Davidson at New York magazine. That’s because the “ostensibly ‘protected’ bike lane” where it occurred actually isn’t: “Anyone who regularly rides that way knows to watch for garbage trucks, maintenance workers’ golf carts, police cruisers and Con Ed vehicles blocking a lane.” In other words, it has “openings that are, well, wide enough to drive a truck through.” The solution: “a thin steel bollard, strategically placed and quickly unscrewed if necessary.” Indeed, he notes, “when Richard Rojas gunned his car through Times Square last May, he wound up impaling it on precisely such bollards arrayed around a pedestrian plaza.”

Conservative: Dem Double Standard on Politicizing Death

“Tactless, partisan” Democrats and their media allies are “feigning offense” over President Trump “politicizing” Tuesday’s terror attack by criticizing Sen. Chuck Schumer’s support of the Diversity Visa Lottery program, says Commentary’s Noah Rothman. His response: “The hypocrisy here is staggering.” After all, he notes, if the eight people killed had been “victims of gun violence and not terroristic vehicular homicide, ‘politicizing’ this event would be a virtuous activity.” President Barack Obama said precisely that after a 2015 mass shooting at an Oregon college, declaring that episodes of gun violence were “something we should politicize.” And the reaction was “cheers” from “those who are allegedly so repulsed by the politicization of violence today.”

Source: New York Post